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Dr. Wang helped me recover from severe neck pain with acupuncture and cupping sessions. At the time, I'd already tried other acupuncturists, Chinese doctors, physiotherapists and chiropractors. None of them could release my neck muscles. Not only are Dr. Wang's treatments effective but she gave me holistic tips on how to prevent neck pain along with neck exercises. She also asked about any other discomforts and would treat everything all at once even though I came in to specifically treat my neck pain. She's extremely patient and listened to all my concerns. She's also extremely nice. I highly recommend her!
                                                                                      --- E. Y.

Dr Wang is an AMAZING doctor/healer!  Since she has been trained/educated in both eastern/western medicine, she has a deep resource of knowledge & experience to draw from which makes her very skilled at both diagnosing and treating almost any kind of ailment. I have been treated by her for sports injuries, female health issues, stress and even anti-aging. :-)  
And as a recipient of acupuncture for 20+ years, I feel fortunate to have found not only a GREAT healer, but also someone who is trustworthy and ethical (i.e., not just out to make money).
I would highly recommend Dr Wang especially because she produces tangible results!

                                                                                      --- D. L.

My father has shoulder pain for many years, he always has painful facial expression on his face. I have been searching for acupuncturist in the bay area and none of them seem to be good. I am glad I found Dr. Wang, the treatment was a little painful but not too bad, so my father did not return to the clinic, surprisingly after few weeks, my father stop complaining about his shoulder pain and still didn't have shoulder pain after 6 months. Wow......she was able fix my father's shoulder pain in just one treatment, I was expecting several treatment as my father has shoulder pain for many years. Dr. Wang is amazing, she has special hand, very caring, and she has a good heart to help people. I believe in her, she worked in top hospital in china.
                                                                                  --- M. Y.
患者: 112.94.2.*(来自广东省广州市)    
疾病: 银屑病                           
患者: 116.23.204.*(来自广东省广州市)
疾病: 面瘫

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