Fee Schedule
Email/ Phone Consultation 
Initial Evaluation and Management
(New Patient Only)
Regular Acupuncture Session(45min-60min)
(Free Follow-up E&M included)
Package for 4 acupuncture Sessions in One Month (once a week) 
 针灸套餐(含4 次,一个月有效)

Package for 8 acupuncture Sessions in One Month (twice a week)



Package for 12 acupuncture Sessions in One Month (3 sessions a week)                 

 针灸套餐 ( 含12次,一个月有效)

 $ 800
Package for 2 or 3 acupuncture Sessions in One Week (2 or3 sessions a week)             
针灸套餐 ( 含2或3次,一周有效)


Herbs Prescription for Raw/ Powder Herbal Formula ( Initial ) 中药处方费(初诊)
Herbs Prescription for Raw/ Powder Herbal Formula ( Following up)中药处方费( 复诊)
Herbs: Raw/ Powder/ Patent中药:生药(需自煎),粉剂(已煎煮),中成药
Self-Care Consultation and Training Initial (90mins)
Self-Care Consultation and Training Follow-up (60mins)


1. The fee schedule above only apply to Self-Pay patients. We also accept insurance and workers compensation if your plan cover acupuncture, and auto insurance due to personal injuries. Your payment will be varies and depend on your insurance plan.

2. Cash, Check, Credit Card are accepted. For Credit card, if the total amount less than $100, 3% process fee (paid to the machine company) will be charged.


We are in-network of Unitedhealth Care. As out of network provider,We also accept other insurance such as Blue Cross ( anthem) PPO, Blueshield of CA PPO, Cigna, etc. Please check with your insurance company to see if they cover acupuncture. Your co-payment and co-insurance to our clinic is negotiable after the coverage verified.

Please ask your insurance about the acupuncture benefits information as below:

1. If the plan cover acupuncture or not; 

2. Deductible; 

3. Co-payment; 

4. Co- Insurance; 

5. limited visits/year.

If you need us to verify the information for you, please bring your insurance card when you visit our office, or email the photocopy of your insurance card (both sides) with the date of your birth to,

or fax to 650-745-7166

Workers Compensation: A request must be made to the primary doctor on your case. Next, a prescription must be faxed or emailed to us along with your case number, date of birth and the name of your adjuster. An adjuster is your designated case manager.

We also accept auto insurance due to personal injuries.

Should you have any questions, please email to :