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Dr. Qinyu Lucinda Wang  O.M.D.(China), Ph.D.,L.Ac.,   王琴玉中医针灸博士, doctor of Chinese Medicine, NCCAOM certified, licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in Texas and California.  Dr. Wang was trained in China. Separately she got her bachelor's degree of medicine, master's degree of medicine and doctoral degree from Hunan University of Chinese Medicine, Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine.

With both eastern and western medicine background, Dr. Wang is good at using acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, combined Taoist energy medicine for internal medicine diseases, gynecology diseases, skin diseases, pain management, stroke, other neurological disorders, cancer support, anxiety and depression,  allergic diseases, etc.

2004--2012  Faculty at Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine (www. & the first affiliated hospital of GZUCM(

2012--2014  Researcher at neurosurgery department of University of Texas medical school first, then at neurology department of UCSF Medical School

2014--2019  Faculty at ACTCM@CIIS in San Francisco, CA 

2015--2019  Owner of Morningsun Health Care at SF bay area,  CA

2020---      Faculty at ACAOM in Houston, TX

2020---      Owner of  Morningsun Health Care in Houston & Sugar Land, TX

Talk presented to acupuncture practitioners

at California Certified Acupuncturist Association in 2014

王琴玉中医博士,中国大陆中医师执照,美国NCCAOM东方医学博士认证及加州、德州注册中医针灸师执照。曾先后师从陆瘦燕大师关门弟子高忻洙教授、及著名中医专家、岭南针灸新学派靳三针创始人靳瑞教授,分别获得硕、博士学位。2004年起任职于广州中医药大学第一附属医院针灸科,2009年起任广州中医药大学副主任医师、副教授。2012年赴美,先后在得克萨斯州立大学医学院神经外科及加州大学旧金山分校医学院神经内科致力于脑病研究。曾受聘于加州整合研究所暨旧金山美洲中医学院,主讲中医妇科学,中医内科学,针灸治疗神经运动损伤,以及中医诊断学,针灸学,中药学等课程, 并在CPMC医院临床带教。现任教于华美中医学院。自2015年起在湾区拥有私人诊所,2020年诊所搬迁至大休斯顿地区。 
Following Mentor Professor  Jin Rui at
The First Affiliated Hospital 
Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine