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Practice Yang Style Tai Chi 24 Forms &

Yi Jin Xi Sui Jing ( Simplified) 易筋洗髓经(简化版)

Muscle/Tendon Changing & Brain/Marrow Washing ChiKung 

— A Journey To Find The Energy Field Which We Have Within Ourselves, And To Connect It With The Universe

Address: Millbrae Central Park at Lincoln Cir, Millbrae, CA 94030

Time Schedule: 8/20/2017 Sunday 9:00am to 11:00am 


Instructor: Dr. Qinyu Wang 

Yang style Tai Chi 24 forms is a standard simplified orthodox Chinese national version. In 1956, the National physical culture and sports commission of the people's republic of China, under the leadership of the Taijiquan Committee chairperson, professor Li Tian Ji, developed standardized and simplified versions of many Tai Chi Chuan ( Taijiquan) forms. Professor Li Tian Ji led the development of the 24 Taijiquan form and the 32 sword Taijiquan form as well as many other standardized Taijiquan forms, and he is called by many " the father of modern Taijiquan".
The short form consists of 24n movements from the Yang style, excluded are a number of difficult Yang style movements as well as long series of repeated moves. It makes Tai Chi and its health benefits more accessible for beginners.
The brevity of the form appealed to people of all ages. When done properly, the short form can exemplify grace, beauty, and many fundamentals of the art. For these reasons, the standard simplified 24 Taijiquan form has become quite popular and is now taught, practiced and played all over the world.
I started to learn and practice Tai Chi 24 forms in my medical school following a master, and it becomes one of my greatest hobby in life since then. As a Chinese medicine doctor, I have more deep understanding to the root thoughts of Tai Chi, because Traditional Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture and herbal medicine, share the same philosophy with Tai Chi. 
"Marrow washing" is to clean the internal body and "Tendon Changing" is to strengthen the external body. It is a health improving method to improve both body and mind. After long period of practicing, it can strengthen the muscle and bone, lengthen the body and four limbs, improve the blood circulation and strengthen the immune system.
First Form: Standing position of Wu Ji 
Second Form: Wei Tuo ( Skanda) offers gifts (cudgel) to the sky
Third Form: Grabbing the star and changing the measuring equipment
Fourth Form: Great Hawk spreads its wings                           Fifth Form: Three falls to the ground
Sixth Form: Green dragon reaches out with talons                 Seventh Form: Turning to grab the nine OX's tail
Eighth Form: Little child makes offerings